Paul Weller – No Tears to Cry (2010)

We’re back in the land of modern Spector soundalikes.

Today’s serving is a nice slice of retro-Wall of Sound courtesy of none other than the ‘Modfather’ himself, Mr. Paul Weller. Released on a 7” vinyl single in 2010 and featured on Weller’s 10th studio album that same year, ‘No Tears to Cry’ proves that Weller can nail the Spector sound as well as anyone.

Paul Weller

On face value, the song and by-the-numbers Wall of Sound production are hardly original but hey, – why change a winning formula? And Paul Weller of course knows how to pull this stuff off in his sleep, having earned his Mod credentials recording a wealth of soulful material with both the Jam, the Style Council and solo.

What I particularly enjoy about ‘No Tears to Cry’ is the cool blue-eyed soul grittiness in Weller’s lead vocal. There’s also a blatant lift of some ‘Spanish Harlem’ piano flourishes throughout. It works very well and along with the driving beat makes for another great modern Spector soundalike.


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