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Slowly, but steadily, Cue Castanets is on its way to celebrate its one year anniversary.

I started the blog last November when I had some free time on my hands and decided to act on something I had thought about for many years, – doing my bid for Spector & Wall of Sound fandom.

After the Lana Clarkson case, sad, depressing and disturbing as it is, I found that the ‘Spector; guntoting lunatic’ image had come to greatly overshadow the iconic music once associated with Spector’s name, at least in the public eye. And so I thought it would be fitting to balance this view somewhat.

Make no mistake though; this blog has never been intented as a tribute to Phil Spector, the man. Read the ‘disclaimer’ part of the blog for more on this. But despite recent, tragic events I still believe it would be both foolish, wrong and a great injustice to all the artists, musicians, songwriters and engineers Spector worked with, should the Clarkson case signal the end of openly celebrating and dissecting the Wall of Sound as an iconic production approach – that angle is also why I don’t limit myself to Spector alone on here but also write about his contemporaries as well as those who have followed in his footsteps through the decades.

I’m very glad to have received some great feedback from many of you who have dropped by here from time to time and read my posts. This post is in order to underline the fact that if you have something to say, something to share, a great idea for an interview – whatever – please get in touch. So far, the way to reach me has been through the comment option on the individual posts. But as of today I’ve also set up an e-mail adress you can reach me through – cuecastanets(((@))))

In all intents and purposes, my vision for Cue Castanets is that it should be a sort of online fanzine; steadily growing a back log of posts and insights with the interviews being something I especially take pride in. If the blog can be seen as a latter-day continuation of the Phil Spector Appreciation Society newsletters and Philately fanzines of the past, I’ll be one happy Spector fan! I hope other fans will find their way here and find much to peruse and enjoy.

So having said that; again, if you’d like to contribute to this, please get in touch. I’d be more than happy to step off my soapbox for a while and let you have your say on here via a guest post on Cue Castanets. I’ve had a few already, I’d welcome more. Maybe you’re able to reach someone that would be interesting to interview about Spector or the Wall of Sound? Maybe you’d like to submit a review or an essay about a particular Spector & Wall of Sound-themed subject you especially feel for? Or maybe, just maybe, you have some unheard rarity you’d like to share and have me write about for other fans? (wink wink!) Who knows? But don’t hesitate – get in touch!

You can reach me via cuecastanets(((@))))


The new e-mail adress can now also be found via the ‘about’ and ‘disclaimer’ sections.


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