Darlene Love album out now

It’s not often we’re treated to new music by those who helped pioneer the Wall of Sound. But today is the day – the day where Darlene Love finally releases her much anticipated new album, ‘Introducing Darlene Love.’ As if this legendary singer needs any introduction! Whatever, what’s worth noticing is that the new album is produced by none other than Little Stevie (Stevie Van Zandt of the Bruce Springsteen E Street Band.)

Now, I’m sure everyone checking in here are fully aware of Little Stevie’s Wall of Sound credentials. He has helped the Boss record some of the most convincing Spector soundalikes of the 70s. And who can forget his stellar work with Ronnie Spector on ‘Say Goodbye to Hollywood’ or Darlene herself on ‘All Alone on Christmas’? I’ll bet all of us are in for a treat when we immerse ourselves in ‘Introducing Darlene Love.’

Expect a review on here at some point in the not-too-distant future. But for now, why not whet your appetite for the new album with this great faux-Spector song written for Darlene by Bruce Springsteen? It’s called ‘Night Closing In’,…. and it’s a keeper!


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