Ellie – The Kind of Girl You Can’t Forget

Calling all Spector nuts, – better start saving!

As if it wasn’t great enough that the one and only Darlene Love is spoiling us with a new album – see post below – we also have something else to look forward to. And boy, are we in for a treat!

Teensville Records / Rare Rockin’ Records, which have already issued a few great releases so far, recently announced an upcoming release filled to the brim with Ellie Greenwich-penned songs and rarities. Crisp stereo versions of some of her most beloved hit songs recorded by others? You got ’em! Rare early singles by Ellie? No problem! Newly unearthed demos of Ellie singing songs like ‘Maybe I Know’ or ‘Look of Love’? Well, sure!

ellie piano

Looks like the good folks at Teensville / Rare Rockin’ Records have put together something truly outstanding with this upcoming release which I personally can’t wait to dive into. Of all the fantastic stuff that came out of the Brill Building the songs Ellie Greenwich wrote with Jeff Barry may possibly be the very pinnacle as far as I’m concerned. And it’s great that Ellie’s immense talent is still being highlighted with a release such as this.

Head on over to the Teensville website for sound samples and the full low-down on what this upcoming colection has to offer:


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