That iconic beat

Picking up on the latest post about the use of ‘Be my Baby’ in the Portuguese movie Tabu, here’s a little bit about the iconic beat of what is perhaps the most classy of Spector’s releases.

US rock critic Dave Marsh once pointedly described ‘Be my Baby’ as Spector ‘building a rock’n’roll cathedral’ around Ronnie’s voice – and it certainly is a fantastic production. None the least due to it’s catchy drum beat – ‘bum-ba-bum-BOOM!’ A beat so distinctive, it’s been copied over and over ever since.


Looking back, how did Spector himself feel about this iconic beat and the production of the song? For some answers to this question, head on over to the blog of Gavin Edwards, who works as a contributing editor for Rolling Stone magazine. Turns out he received some personal recollections from the former Tycoon of Teen in 2004 about the recording of ‘Be my Baby.’


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