Rare Footage Online

I don’t have the slightest idea who’s behind the Revolver Records & Video channel on Youtube. But whoever it is, A) the person has great taste in music and B) is somehow able to dig up rare and unseen footage which should make every fan of 60s pop feel dizzy with excitement!

It comes as no surprise then that the Revolver channel has caused quite a buzz online amongst hardcore music fans. For fans of Phil Spector’s monophonic Wall of Sound specifically, there’s a lot of goodies to dive into. So if you somehow haven’t checked out the channel yet, I suggest you do so now before some of the great clips may be pulled. Because I have a feeling that whoever is behind this channel has culled the clips from a variety of sources without proper clearance.

The channel:


And here are some choice selections:


One thought on “Rare Footage Online”

  1. In the Ronettes street video I’m almost certain that the guy she’s trying to seduce is Jerry Riopelle – which would make the date of the filming late 1965?


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