The elusive follow-up

A few posts ago, I wrote a bit about the first Phil Spector Appreciation Society (PSAS) and their batch of newsletters sent out to fans at the end of the 60s.

While reading through the newsletters and their info about Spector’s then current liaison with Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss’ A&M Records, I noticed a few indications that both Spector and the label had their eyes set on issuing a second album by the Ronettes.


The group’s first album, Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes featuring Veronica, came out on Philles in 1964,… so you could hardly blame all involved for itching for a long overdue follow-up. And no wonder – sitting in the can were some awesome recordings that cobbled with a few new tracks could have made for a killer album, although a little outdated in sound by 1969 standards.

It’s fun speculating which tracks could have made up this dream album. Here’s my suggestion for a running order.

The Ronettes – ‘They Came, they Saw, they Conquered’, A&M Records, 1969


Side A

  1. You Came, You Saw, You Conquered
  2. I Can Hear Music
  3. Born to be Together
  4. Someday (Baby)
  5. Everything under the Sun
  6. Paradise

Side B

  1. I’ll Never Need More than This
  2. Here I Sit
  3. Keep On Dancing
  4. Is this What I Get for Loving You, Baby?
  5. Woman in Love
  6. I Wish I Never Saw the Sunshine

Pretty nifty collection of tracks, isn’t it?

And the only ones debatable are ‘Someday (Baby)’, which does exist in a half-completed state with a Ronnie lead vocal, and ‘I’ll Never Need More than This’ which Ronnie herself has claimed she had a go at. Besides these, who knows which other tracks may have been completed at the time?


Had Spector wanted an album out, he could easily have put something together using the stellar tracks from a few years back he already had on tape. Would it sell? Probably not considering the times in 1969 – but boy, oh boy, would it have made for one hell of a great, cohesive album!



5 thoughts on “The elusive follow-up”

  1. The Ronettes album was issued a catalog number A&M SP 4192, but I have never seen a proposed tracklist.

    Obviously, if the album had been issued it probably would have included Oh I Love You since it was the universal B side for the single, except in the UK (A&M AMS 748) had Jeff Barry’s production of I Can Hear Music. Good to see that an Hear Music did make your list. I Can Hear Music was the last chart record for the Ronettes on Philles, plus in 1969 it was a worldwide hit for the Beach Boys.

    Then you would expect the planned follow up to You Came You Saw You Conqueored to be there. During his A&M period Phil was writing with Toni Wine and Irwin Levine so it stands to reason any additional new songs recorded with Ronnie would probably be one of those.

    I Loved You Like I Love My Very Life comes to mind as the best possibility as it was recorded by Carla Thomas, issued in 1969/1970 on Stax. Yes I know it was recorded by Darlene Love (in the late 70s) and yes by Ronnie,credited as an Apple out-take. One You Tube fan commented, “Ronnie sounds very uncomfortable and the recording is not fully finalized it sounds more like a unfinished demo.” So Phil could have recorded it with her while at A&M.

    You can listen to Darlene’s version. which obviously is a late 70s version.

    Someday (Baby), and I’ll Never Need More than This, on your list, are both unlikely, especially since the second song was on the Ike and Tina Turner A&M album.

    Really, the biggest loss to Phil Spector fans for the lack of a Ronettes album on A&M is not the songs, as most were undoubtedly issued on Phil Spector International, but at this period (1969)the album would have probably been all stereo like The Checkmates LTD and Ike and Tina Turner.


    1. Hi Paul…I know a fellow Spectropopper, who once owned the acetate with Ronnies version of “I love him like I love my very life”. he just confirmed to me by email that it was indeed an Apple acetate. A song that comes to mind with a kind of A&M sound/ feeling is “Baby, let’s be Lovers”


  2. With all the released and unreleased material available since The Ronettes first album there’s almost enough for a double album. Girls Can Tell – Soldier Baby Of Mine – Lovers – I Can Hear Music (Spector produced version) – I Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine (Jeff Barry produced version) – plus anything from A&M that may still surface.


  3. Yeah, lots of stuff to choose from and like I wrote, – the proposed track listing is highly subjective on my part.

    I agree with Paul that ‘Oh I Love You’ would be the more obvious inclusion than ‘Someday (Baby)’, – but I’ve never really liked the former. It feels half-baked to me whereas I hear a Little more spark in the latter.


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