Spiritualized – Stop Your Crying (2001)

Here’s another modern Spector soundalike for you, courtesy of UK band Spiritualized.

The band itself has had a revolving list of members with frontman and songwriter Jason Pierce being the mainstay that binds it all together. He is also a massive fan of Spector’s Wall of Sound. It comes as no surprise then that quite a few Spiritualized tracks bear trademarks of the Spector sound in one way or another.


‘Stop Your Crying’ is my favorite Spiritualized track and can be found on the band’s 2001 album ‘Let It All Down.’ The album itself saw Pierce trying, and succesfully at that, to follow in Spector’s footsteps. Allegedly, more than 100 session musicians were utilised for all the songs combined and many of the tracks feature a full orhestra.

‘Stop Your Crying’ really is a majestic track with a gradual build and a stately feel much like Spector’s slower 70s productions. Take a listen, close your eyes and tell me that you can’t hear Cher or Dion sing this at a Spector session with the wrecking crew as backing?

This is gospel Wall of Sound of the highest order.



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