The Blueflowers – Maybe (2011)

Castanets… That most delicious of percussion instruments that Spector put to the forefront in many of his classic productions, – is there anything more Spectoresque this side of the iconic ‘Be my Baby’ beat? Probably not.

So when Detroit-based pop group the Blueflowers decided to aim for the full-on Wall of Sound with a track from their 2011 album, ‘In Line with the Brokenhearted’, they wisely chose to cover all bases. Castanets? Check! ‘Be my Baby’ drumbeat? Check!


So who are these Blueflowers? A Detroit-based band dabbling in classic rock, pop and Americana, their lead-singer Kate Hinote has just the right melancholic country-feel to her voice. It definitely suits this aching ‘Maybe’ which I’d like to think is what a Wall of Sound production with both Phil Spector and David Lynch involved would sound like.

Another Classic cut to add the ever-gowing list of superb modern Spector soundalikes.





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