Richard Hawley – Some Candy Talking (2006)

2016 is nearing its end and I hope you have had a merry Christmas and that you will have a happy new year – preferably with lots of Wall of Sound blasting from your speakers!

Before year’s end I can just squeeze in one more modern Spector soundalike in my ongoing series of blog posts about recordings that tip the hat to Spector recording style.

Today I’d like to draw the attention to one of my favorite current musicians, Sheffield-based singer/songwriter Richard Hawley. Since 2001 he has issued a series of stellar albums that despite being recording with modern technology could just as well have been recorded during the 50s and 60s. They’re not shameless cash-in exercises in retro music, mind you – Richard Hawley’s love for the crooners, rockabillies, folk singers and doo wop groups of those two decades is long documented.


On his albums Hawley offers his own unique and highly personal take on the sounds of bygone eras. The backing tracks are exquisite, loaded with details and atmospheric guitar playing – his main instrument of choice – but what really sets his music apart from others is his deeply expressive vocal.

Weathered and plaintive, Hawley’s voice is the perfect foil for the mini-dramas that adorn all of his albums. His tone is deeply soothing and has often comforted me through troubled times. Even though the focus here on the blog is on Spectoresque sounds I can’t help but offer an example of this from his most recent album, 2015s ‘Hollow Meadows’. Take a listen to the hypnotic ‘Nothing like a Friend’ and tell me you aren’t moved by this?

If you like what you hear, you really ought to check out all of his albums. There are gems to be found on each one of them.

But we’re here for bombast,… so let’s get back on track. Where’s the echo, the pounding Be my Baby beat, the swirling strings? Why, it’s all there and more on Hawley’s 2006 45’ single for ‘Hotel Room’ – tucked away on the B-side is a sensational cover of the Jesus and Mary Chain classic ‘Some Candy Talking’.

Brothers Jim and William Reid of cult band the Jesus and Mary Chain.

Now, the original Jesus and Mary Chain version by the Reid brothers is of course a classic example of droning 80s Spector worship – and delicious on its own terms – but on his cover, Hawley plays up the song’s Wall of Sound potential to the max. There’s a thunderous drum backbeat throughout, beautiful strummed acoustic guitars, jangling percussion and of course those oh so important strings to take your breath away.

Fantastic version! As far as I’m concerned it’s even better than the original Jesus and Mary Chain recording. And to think that this was only a throwaway B-side? The mind boggles…


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