This blog solely reflects my own personal opinion. I am in no way affiliated with Phil Spector, his family, his management or any other party.

Writing about Phil Spector today is equal to dipping your toes into shark-filled waters due to the tragic death of Lana Clarkson and Spector’s prison sentence following the Clarkson murder trial. I would like to make perfectly clear that this blog is NOT meant as a celebration of ‘Phil Spector, the man.’ Far from it. I have read enough sad stories about how his inner demons have affected those close to him to know that he isn’t a person to look up to on a personal or spiritual level.

Instead, this blog is a celebration of ‘Phil Spector, the visionary producer behind the Wall of Sound’ – and in that, a celebration not only focused on Spector himself but also contributions by a wide range of talent involved; the Wrecking Crew, the singers, the arrangers etc – all the individuals who helped shape sounds that still jump out of speakers more than 50 years after they were put to vinyl.

This blog is all about the music… ‘Little symphonies for the kids’… ‘Tomorrow’s sound today!’

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philles sleeve

One thought on “Disclaimer”

  1. Love your blog Good Sir! I would love to send an email but can’t find a contact address – if you could contact back I’d be most grateful. Keep up the great work and Mono forever!


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