Here are a few links that might interest you.

Spectropop used to be the place to discuss Phil Spector’s music and similar sounds. The forum has been less active in recent years but the digest archives remains a treasure trove of info.

Looking for info on Jack Nitzsche? Look no further than Martin Roberts’ great website on this master arranger.

Sonny & Cher anyone? Anything you ever wanted to know about Spector’s former gofer and his girlfriend can be found on this fan-made website!

Anthony Reichardt has the youtube channel of your dreams, filled to the brim with fantastic songs recorded at famed Gold Star and other 60s studios.

For anything Righteous Brothers related, you’ll need to head over to Peter Richmond’s ridiculously extensive online discography. If a single with our blue-eyed friends came out somewhere in the World at some point, it’s probably listed here.

Spector Soul, that tasty combination of a track with a bit of Wall of Sound mixed with soulful vocals, is the topic of Dan Hodges’ interesting blog.

ChaChaCharming is girl Group expert and DJ Sheila Burgel’s personal blog, often featuring great Spector-themed content.

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Musings on Phil Spector's Wall of Sound and similar music…

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